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 “你来说”活动 1月9日 "Сome ant Talk" #2 meet-up

Next meeting is planned for Friday Jan 9th 2015, to make it together call 187 01029146 Paul
下一个见面希望在2015年1月9日准备。讲师,志愿者请联系 187 01029146 伟保罗 link for registration


 “你来说”活动 12月5日 "Сome ant Talk" meet-up

Next event is planned for Dec 5th 2014, to make it together call 187 01029146 Paul
下一个活动希望在2014年12月5日准备。讲师,志愿者请联系 187 01029146 伟保罗

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Spring User Groups

Spring is set of open-source technologies and projects * developed by Pivotal.

The most well-known of them is spring framework. The latest version is 4.1.1 released in December 2013.

Spring User Group in Beijing 北京Spring用户组

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  • Sunday May 11th 2pm

  • 周日,5月11日 2点钟

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past event Saturday April 12th 2pm - 4月12日 周六 2点 是之前的活动

Some work in progress can be found on wiki 有暂时信息。

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